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Saturday 4, February 22: Struggles associated with Abuse

Participants in this workshop will hear from people whose lives have been affected by domestic violence in a number of ways. In learning from these people, participants will better understand the terrifying and isolating experience of domestic violence. Participants will also hear from people who support those whose lives have been forever impacted by acts of violence, and in so doing they will learn how they can better support those in our families, communities, and churches who, perhaps unbeknownst to many around them, have experienced or are experiencing domestic violence.
  • Welcome to Support in the Midst of Abuse
  • Katarina's Testimony
  • Week 4 Powerpoint - Abuse
  • Week 4 Powerpoint - Rising Angels
  • Abuse and the Role of the Church
  • Week 4 morning session recording
  • Week 4 Case Study
  • Other Resources
  • Equality Wheel and Power & Control Wheel
  • Rising Angels Website
  • Prostitution Research Website
  • List of Resources
  • Watch here for quiz and survey
  • Quiz on Struggles with Abuse
  • Week 4 Survey
  • Placeholder for workshop attendance (i.e. date not correct)
Completion rules
  • You must complete the units "Quiz on Struggles with Abuse, Week 4 Survey, Placeholder for workshop attendance (i.e. date not correct)"