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Saturday 2, January 25: Struggles involving Suicide

In this course you will learn that by hearing from persons whose lives have been affected by suicide, participants will better understand the lived experience of suicide. By hearing from those who support individuals and families impacted by suicide, participants will also be better equipped in knowing how best to support people who struggle with suicidal thoughts.
  • Welcome to Support in the Midst of Suicidal Struggles
  • Week 2 Powerpoint - Suicide
  • Week 2 Powerpoint Booklet - Suicide
  • Week 2 morning session recording
  • Week 4 afternoon session recording
  • Case Study - Week 2
  • Other Resources
  • Woebot Flyer
  • Heal Your Hurts Flyer
  • Is My Church Safe?
  • Survivor's Manifesto
  • Depression Safety Plan Worksheet
  • Lifeway Research - Mental Illness and Christian Faith
  • Grounding Exercises
  • Suicide in Protestant Churches
  • Watch Here for Quiz and Survey
  • Quiz on Struggles in Suicide
  • Week 2 Survey
  • Workshop 2 Attendance
  • Shame, Suicide and Safe Churches
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed